B2Broker Enhanced B2Core with cTrader Trading Platform

B2Broker, a leading global liquidity & technology provider, has collaborated with cTrader, a well-known multi-asset Forex and CFD trading platform. This integration allows B2Broker's clients to operate on one of the best platforms with a variety of financial instruments. Starting now, all cTrader platform-based brokerages may now use the ultimate B2Core abilities. cTrader is easy to learn and use, with fast execution, low latency, and a plethora of functions that appeal to traders from around the world.

cTrader will operate in the B2Core ecosystem similarly to other platforms. Integration is fast and simple, and it provides brokerage firms an excellent user experience as well as a wide range of capabilities in the B2Core trader’s room.

Additionally, the B2Core development team has created a superior user interface for cTrader customers. The new interface is simple and user-friendly, with all of the tools and features that traders may need to thrive.

cTrader users will love the B2Core trader’s room. B2Core offers a comprehensive range of features for live and demo accounts, including a variety of currencies, multiple account types, leverage trading options and even more. Furthermore, users may change their cTrader passwords from the B2Core system itself. B2Core can be used to reset a user's account password if they have forgotten their cTrader password and are unable to modify it on the trading terminal.

What's more, the B2Core team is going to add even more capabilities to the cTrader integration. Our priority now is fractional leverage volumes, as well as various hedge/netting account types.

Besides, the ability to archive accounts and keep track of their status by using indicators such as Balance, Equity, Leverage, Available Money, and Margin will be also updated soon. On top of that, we are considering the options to expand the number of account customizations administrators may make in the B2Core Forex CRM. This functionality will make B2Core even more attractive for brokerage companies as it provides more managing options.

"The new integration will fulfil the needs of multiple trading platforms availability and inevitably boost our user experience" added Daniel Skitev, Head of the Marketing Department at B2Broker. "We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of what is possible in order to provide our users with the best possible services in the Fintech industry," — Daniel, Head of Marketing at B2Broker, speaks on the cTrader integration.

"Staying aligned with our philosophy of being an open platform, we always welcome new integrations, and we are committed to bringing them to life," - Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management at Spotware, expressed his vision on this. "We are delighted that B2Core has successfully joined the flourishing ecosystem of cTrader integrations, and we look forward to offering this great new option to brokers and traders."

B2Core's clients will surely benefit from the latest integration with cTrader, which provides a huge range of new features and the ultimate user experience. B2Broker continues to enhance the B2Core client's cabinet, which now supports seven platforms including cTrader, MT4, MT5, OneZero, B2Trader, PrimeXM, and DXtrade. B2Broker is on track to continue to provide technical assistance for all present trading platforms, as well as ActTrader integration in the near future.