B2Broker Partners with Industry Leading Providers to Deliver Innovative Technology and Solutions for Brokers

B2Broker stands as an industry leader in financial technology provision, supplying a diverse selection of solutions that help businesses, from startups to enterprises, maximize their success. The company offers nine separate trading technology providers that offer integrations for CFD brokers, spot exchanges, securities brokers, and margin trading platforms. It’s no surprise why so many businesses are turning to B2Broker as their dependable go-to source of reliable solutions.

For CFD Brokers

  • MetaTrader

B2Broker is the perfect option for CFD brokers, offering comprehensive integration of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 with an exclusive referral program that considers lot sizes, markups, commissions, and spreads. Additionally, B2Broker’s advanced B2Core CRM empowers seamless connections between customers and businesses. Furthermore, clients can enjoy two mobile solutions — either integrating with B2Core Mobile (available on iOS & Android) or opting for MetaTrader Mobile iFrame as a convenient alternative.

  • cTrader

B2Broker offers a complete integration package for the cTrader platform, including white label services, an integrated platform, an IB software solution, and B2Core — our CRM tool perfectly tuned for CFD brokers and traders. This bundle of reliable solutions provides clients with access to various helpful tools. Thanks to B2Core IB, you can quickly organize your trading settings along with markups and commissions. Your customers using your trading platform will benefit from the intuitive trading interface that is available through the mobile app on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Match-Trader

B2Broker’s Match-Trader package is a great option for CFD brokers wishing to provide their customers with extensive trading instruments and cost-effective rates. Not only does Match-Trader have white label assistance, but it also seamlessly integrates with our B2Core CRM. Plus, the company will soon connect Match-Trader with B2Core IB, substantially increasing its capabilities.

For Spot Exchanges

  • B2Trader

B2Broker also offers a cutting-edge, integrated B2Trader matching engine for spot exchanges. This advanced technology matches open orders and performs trades on the platform when buy/sell requirements are satisfied. Additionally, B2Trader offers white-label support and easy integration with the B2Core platform to facilitate commission payments and mobile trading on both iOS and Android devices. The advanced public UI feature makes it easier for users to access critical data quickly without having to sign up or log in; this includes traded pairs, markets, and more.

  • MarksMan

The Marksman Liquidity Hub simplifies and expedites trading on spot exchanges by linking them to liquidity pools from many of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Huobi Global, Gemini Exchange, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Poloniex, & B2BX. The hub technology decreases trading expenses and optimizes performance by ensuring sufficient liquidity, making it possible for end clients to trade with confidence. Additionally, the technology offers a wide selection of features such as hedging, aggregating symbols, creating synthetic instruments, and monitoring risk parameters, all of which can be used to mitigate losses as well as effectively manage risk in the market.

Margin Liquidity Provision (FIX API) For Margin Accounts

  • PrimeXM

PrimeXM, a renowned innovator in the realm of financial technology, provides clients with comprehensive aggregation software and ultra-low delay connections. B2Broker boasts an expansive portfolio of trading assets available on nine different markets, such as Forex, spot metals, indices, and CFDs. By fusing their advanced liquidity solutions together, clients can take advantage of full market integration in a hassle-free manner. Through B2Broker services, users can access over 1000 unique trading instruments at competitive margin terms and small spreads across expansive liquidity pools. 

  • OneZero

Thanks to the OneZero integration for margin accounts, B2Broker clients can reap the benefits of institutional-level expertise and technology. This provides a broad range of features, such as a totally customizable user interface, real-time account data monitoring, and simplified control over financial operations powered by B2Core. B2Broker services benefit brokerage firms of all sizes, ensuring high liquidity for more than only crypto instruments — FX (103 pairs), CFDs on Indices & Commodities (16 pairs), Metals (13 pairs), and single stocks (803 pairs) are also available. Furthermore, OneZero’s technology and deep understanding of the industry empower brokers to come out victorious in this ever-changing market.

  • Centroid

B2Broker’s clients can take advantage of wholly integrated access to Centroid for margin accounts, allowing them to effortlessly explore international markets. With the state-of-the-art technology from Centroid, traders are able to manage and track over 1000 products across seven asset classes with unrivaled liquidity and analytics tools.

  • Tools 4 Brokers

If you’re seeking a top-notch liquidity distribution platform, then Tools 4 Brokers will be your reliable option. The integration of B2Broker with T4B accounts allows users to benefit from an array of features that make resource management an easy process. On T4B, trades can be opened through either the FIX API provided by B2Broker or the MetaTrader interface.

Bottom Line

B2Broker, a leading provider of technology and services specializing in the brokerage industry, constantly expands its capabilities through strategic partnerships to deliver cutting-edge solutions to brokerage firms of any size. With its increasing number of turnkey solutions for Forex and crypto brokers, crypto exchanges, and spot converters, this company provides clients with all that’s necessary to deliver superior services to their traders, allowing brokerages to differentiate themselves from the competition.