B2Broker Presents Its Institutional Liquidity New Offer

Due to continuous improvements in its technology and liquidity solutions, B2Broker, liquidity and technology provider of solutions for the crypto and Forex industries, has successfully launched new liquidity offers. Reduced volume costs and greatly lessened entrance barriers are features of the new commercials. The new agreement is reportedly intended to allow brokers greater chances to expand their businesses and gain major competitive advantages while maintaining their costs as efficiently as possible!

Lessened Liquidity Fees for Brokers

To accommodate industry needs, B2Broker has lowered volume fees across a wide range of financial instruments including Spot FX, Metals, Indices, Energy, and Commodities:

Amended Crypto Liquidity Fee System for Brokers

For its market-leading Crypto CFDs, B2Broker has reduced its liquidity volume fees structure from 0.035% to 0.03% and lower in the first step:

Decreased Minimum Monthly Charge

B2Broker's month-to-month business terms have recently been improved. The previous $1,250 monthly minimum charge has been reduced to the current $1,000.

Lowered by 50% Entry Deposit Amount

A 50% reduction in the minimum deposit amount has made potential brokers' entry barriers lower than ever.


Institutional Liquidity from B2Broker offers a particular constellation of solution abundance and unparalleled cost effectiveness, backed by the assurance of a solid and reliable liquidity and technology provider. By reducing fees on five major asset types, lowering deposit amounts, and lowering Crypto CFDs volume liquidity charges, the enhanced deal was designed to take your business to the next level.