B2Core Fees and Price Changes for 2022

We are happy to introduce new fees and prices for our flagship product, B2Core. By readjusting the price, we have made it more available than ever to an even more significant number of businesses. This move underscores our commitment to providing world-class software that meets the needs of brokers and traders everywhere.

Latest Changes to the Fees

We removed setup fees. The step will make it simpler for new clients to start using B2Core and help them save money over time. Furthermore, by eliminating setup fees, we want to make it easier for all of our customers to scale up their use of B2Core, as needed, with the growth of their business. We strive to give our customers the highest quality service at the most reasonable pricing. As a result, we have modified our service agreement to eliminate setup expenses and offer substantial discounts on our B2Core platform by including an obligatory three-month upfront payment for new clients. This will allow them to take advantage of our innovative solutions and streamline their billing process while helping us continue to provide the highest quality service and products to our clients at the most competitive prices in the market.

B2Core Enhancements

To improve and enhance the customer support we provide, B2Core is introducing Customer Support Queues. The Standard and Advanced packages of B2Core can take advantage of the regular customer support queue, while the Enterprise package will benefit from a dedicated queue. Once the new queues go into effect, Enterprise requests will be given priority. We anticipate that implementing this new system will significantly improve our clients' service quality.

Additionally, to be as upfront with our customers as possible, we have eliminated all package features that were "coming soon." This means that you get precisely what you see, and if a feature isn't included in one of your packages, it is not available until we release an update! We hope this helps clear things up so everyone can make informed decisions about which packages best suit their needs at the time.

The Prices

    Our new, more streamlined price structure is completely transparent. Since B2Core now requires just a monthly payment and no additional costs, the price structure is as follows:
  • The Standard package is $1,000 USD/month.
  • The Advanced package is $1,500 USD/month.
  • The Enterprise package is $2,500 USD/month.

If you pay for an annual subscription, you get a significant discount - three free months. In other words, instead of paying for 12 months upfront, you'll only need to pay for nine.

Bottom Line

The new B2Core pricing structure is in line with our mission to provide even more accessibility while still maintaining quality service. What do you think? Sign-up today so you can take advantage of the great services at unbeatable prices. If you have any queries or recommendations, please don't hesitate to contact us - we always love hearing from our customers!