B2Core Has Been Updated with New Features and Enhancements

Our team is thrilled to share with you news about a new extensive update for our platform! The new version brings a variety of fresh features and improvements that will boost B2Core’s scalability, performance, and security.

    What has been improved?
  • A new section for admin-user notification has been added
  • Synchronization of B2Core and B2Trader improved
  • Updates to the Client Tests
  • Client Tests are available for increasing the level of verification
  • Two KYC providers have been added
  • New Google Pay deposits
  • Upgrade of the cTrader integration: Netting and Hedging account types has been added

New Event Notifications Section

We've just added a new Event Notifications section to admin-users notifications. This will allow administrators to better stay abreast of events going on in the back office system, and respond in a more timely and effective manner to issues as they arise. With this feature, admins can personalize notification settings for withdrawal requests, Client Test completion, and more. We have also integrated a bot that sends reports directly to Slack.

Sync Improvements Between B2Core and B2Trader

Admin users now have the capability to create required currencies directly in the B2Core back-office and add them to their Products, eliminating the need for manual asset creation on the B2Trader side. This new system improves synchronicity between B2Core and B2Trader, saving time and effort while providing a more streamlined overall experience.

Enhanced Client Tests

The Client Tests have been improved with the introduction of new types of questions, such as open questions and questionnaires. Open questions allows users to type their response without restriction. On the other hand, questionnaires offer clients an easy way to collect useful information from their respondents.

Client Test Verification Option

To ensure more safety, admin users can now add Client Test Verification as an additional step in the KYC process. By activating this option through the back-office, companies can make sure that end-users have to verify their identity by not only uploading documents but also passing a Client Test before they proceed further.

KYC Providers Expanded

Our team also added two new KYC service providers, Sapuma and IDWise, to their existing capabilities. This expanded user verification feature will enable clients to quickly and easily obtain information from new users while adhering to all applicable regulations. Moreover, the security of the system is ensured by the supreme quality of both Sapuma and IDWise, safeguarding all personal data.

Google Pay Deposits

B2Core now offers Google Pay deposits to streamline the deposit procedure and enhance the user experience. In order to activate this feature, clients can either integrate the necessary payment providers into their systems on their own or enlist help from our team. With Google Pay deposits, your customers can make payments quickly and securely without hassle.

cTrader Integration Upgrade

The B2Core integration with cTrader has been further enhanced by the inclusion of an account type selection facility. This option can be enabled by admin users in the back office, giving users the option of choosing between two different types of accounts: Netting and Hedging.

With the netting type, only one position can be opened for each instrument at a time, whereas hedging allows multiple positions to be opened in different directions.

A platform admin can also make a specific account type the default for all traders on the platform.


Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible experience in order to fuel their success. With the latest update of B2Core, brokers can take advantage of cutting-edge technology, seamless integrations, and new KYC functionality. Take advantage of these features now and experience the enhanced performance for yourself.