B2Core Has Released an Update for iOS Mobile Application

The B2Core team is excited to announce a new update, version 1.9.0 to the iOS mobile app. This release is a significant upgrade, bringing with it new improvements and capabilities. This version includes improvements to the user interface as well as added features like Apple widgets and 4-digit pin code support. The update is available now on the App Store.

Funds Button — New Look, Better Functionality

The new Funds button on the app is now more distinguishable and user-friendly. The button has been redesigned to make it simpler to use and more visually appealing. Thanks to the new look, you may now get to where you want to go with only a few taps. Update your app now to take advantage of the new look and feel of the Funds button.

Two Apple Widgets to Stay Informed

There are now two Apple widgets that can help you stay informed about your funds and the cryptocurrency market. The first widget is for Total Balance and provides users with an overview of their assets data. The second widget, Watchlist, gives users real-time information on selected cryptocurrencies. Both widgets are available in three sizes and can be placed on your Apple home screen for easy access.

Pin Code — Faster and Easier Access to Your Account!

The new pin code feature on the latest version of the app makes it easier and faster for users to access their account information and perform transactions. Simply go to the settings page and enable the "pin code" option to use this new feature. It will then ask you to input and confirm your 4-digit code. Once you've completed this step, you may use your pin code to log into the app instead of your username and password. We hope you enjoy this new feature!

Bottom Line

B2Core is committed to constantly improving its innovations and making them available for all users. With this commitment in mind, we encourage you to download the updated app today! For any questions or concerns about this update, don't hesitate to contact us via [email protected].