B2Core iOS v1.22 Introduces Centroid Integration and New IB Module

B2Core iOS v1.22 Features New IB Module and Centroid Support

We at B2Core are thrilled to unveil the latest update to our B2Core iOS app – version 1.22. The new version integrates with Centroid accounts and introduces a brand-new IB module. This addition is designed to boost the app’s functionality and user convenience significantly.

Following the successful integration of the cTrader platform via our mobile app in version 1.20, we continue to evolve and provide our clients with sophisticated, all-encompassing CRM solutions on multiple platforms. 

Support for Centroid Accounts

The B2Core iOS app now integrated with the Centroid platform, widely recognised for its proficiency in risk management, bridging, execution, and hosting infrastructure for multi-asset brokers. This integration expands the horizons for our users, allowing for a greater degree of control over their funds.

Centroid Accounts

Users can now log into their CentroID margin accounts and conduct transactions directly within the B2Core interface, eliminating the hassle of keeping track of transactions on several platforms.

IB Management in Mobile Devices

The IB module is finally launched in the B2Core iOS app! The new module can be located in the Profile menu and is also represented as an individual widget on the user dashboard. With the introduction of IB Room on iOS, users can now view available IB programs, apply for these programs, and effortlessly retrieve their affiliate links on their devices.

IB Management in Mobile Devices

IB Wallet

Another important feature of the new IB module is the IB Wallet, which displays all commissions and rebates earned from referred traders in real time. Clients can conveniently keep track of their rewards and use them for transaction execution there.

Personalised Links

In addition, users can create and tailor their unique IB referral links for each individual IB campaign to draw referral customers. This feature considerably elevates the referral program experience by adding a personal touch to campaigns.

Personalised Links

More to Come

We want you to remember that this update is just the start of the IB Room functionalities within our B2Core iOS app. Our vision is to evolve and perfect this module to match the comprehensive set of features that our web version boasts. So, our clients can expect further updates to introduce advanced capabilities such as in-depth reports on IB client activity and a fully integrated IB Dashboard.

Our team is working around the clock to perfect our CRM solution so that it can efficiently adapt to the financial market’s ever-changing dynamics. Stay tuned for more updates!