Client’s Cabinet: An Inside Look

With a large number of companies in the market, the forex brokerage sector is tremendously competitive and incredibly demanding in today's globe. A reliable CRM for forex brokers becomes not just necessary, but absolutely necessary for every forex brokerage. The CRM system of your FX brokerage today plays a critical role in determining the performance of your brokerage.

What is a CRM and Why Would You Want to Employ a Forex CRM?

Client Relationship Management technology enables you to manage all of your customer contacts efficiently in one area. This enables more effective contact and lead management, increased knowledge of client activity, and an improvement in not just staff productivity, but also overall revenues.

Given that the forex market is fully data-driven, and that the data for each individual fluctuates at several levels, a more sophisticated kind of CRM is necessary.

Typically, a forex CRM supplier is knowledgeable with the foreign exchange market, forex trading platforms, numerous partners, and the entire solution. This enables a forex CRM solution provider to design a forex CRM solution that not only meets the broker's requirements but also allows for several layers of connectivity, which is crucial for a forex brokerage firm's success.

After defining what a customer relationship management system is and why a forex CRM is required, let's go through the top features of a forex Client Cabinet of a brokerage CRM.

What is the Client's Cabinet?

The client cabinet, also known as a traders room, in your forex software is the principal means through which your forex clients communicate with you and with one another. In order for your brokerage to be successful, your trader's room must remove obstacles to customer registration while also making it simple for clients to place trades.

The customer experience you provide to your clients can be the foundation or a hurdle to your business - it's the foundation of your success. It's what your customers use on a daily basis, so it should reflect the professionalism, reliability, and outstanding level of service your company provides. For most customers, working inside the Client’s Cabinet is a direct interaction with your company, which is why it should be perfect.

A Concept of Forex Client Cabinet of B2Core for Your Brokerage

We will consider one of the market leading forex CRM solutions, B2Core, which may be configured in a matter of minutes to interact with the most popular trading platforms. Additionally, company owners may request a free trial version of the solution to determine for themselves how creative the solution is.

B2Core is a must-have for company owners looking to dominate their industry and maximize their creative potential. As a result, forex CRM significantly improves forex brokers' capacity to manage their businesses and increase their profit margins. Additionally, a customer relationship management system is a must-have in today's increasingly dynamic industry to improve customer service and connect your present front-end.

Because it provides a critical dimension to the existing offering, the FX CRM Client's cabinet is a must-have for every professional business, including foreign exchange and cryptocurrency brokers and converters, spot and margin exchanges, EMIs, and cryptocurrency wallets. The following are some examples:

A Dynamic Advanced User Interface

All brokerage clients have an amazing opportunity to make use of one of the most powerful front-end layouts available. The exchange's end users will have total control over their workspaces, allowing them to optimize their trading performance while still maintaining a high level of user satisfaction with the exchange.

Users may rearrange the blocks of order books, watchlists, charts, and trading history, as well as alter the size and order of these windows, to enhance the platform's usability and customization. Moreover, additional workspaces may be built to give users distinct regions for various trading purposes.

Market Depth is another metric that indicates the market's ability to absorb relatively large market orders without affecting the price of the underlying item traded. Market depth is determined for currency pairings by the amount and breadth of active orders in the market at any one moment.

Volume grouping is a critical update component to have in place since it enables users to assess the platform's most liquid assets. It is available via the order book associated with each instrument in the collection.

Finally, the Watchlist widget supports workspaces in the Trading UI, which is a major improvement. Users may construct a list of pairs to track and view current prices, volumes, 24-hour highs, and lows, as well as historical prices and volumes, in a single location.

Currently, the Trading UI satisfies the majority of the requirements of experienced traders who rely on it to monitor massive amounts of data daily.

A sophisticated anti-fraud system

To aid in the prevention of money laundering and trade fraud on the site, an Advanced Anti-Fraud Homemade System, which is an automatic withdrawal system that incorporates security alerts and other safeguards.

The Sum-Sub WebSDK integrated

Because the Sum-Sub WebSDK integration enables complete and highly customizable Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, business owners may save money by outsourcing everything to the technology provider.

PrimeXM and OneZero integration

Along with significant integration with the industry's major trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and 5, B2Core now supports the following trading platforms: PrimeXM, OneZero, dxTrade, and B2Trader, bringing the total to six. As a result, B2Broker is now able to help its clients in accessing a larger and more diverse array of end-customers worldwide.

Ticketing System

It has been integrated into B2Core, which already has SupportPal, a module that enables clients to give customer support via tickets established within the B2Core system. In comparison to assisting via Skype or other social media platforms, where information is prone to loss, utilizing the Ticket System ensures that everything is documented and treated uniformly.

MT Analytics in its entirety

Due to the substantial trading platform integration between B2Core and MetaTrader 4 and 5, end customers may monitor all MetaTrader account activity directly from their Trader's Room account. As can be seen, this enables the user to validate both his criteria and actions through a single solution: As stated earlier,

Addresses for withdrawal on the Whitelist

A safelist feature has been included, which allows for the creation of a whitelist of withdrawal addresses that may be used to combat fraud. This provides an additional layer of protection for end-users, since they may withdraw funds to their selected, trusted wallets, guaranteeing that the system logs out only those wallets. This is especially advantageous for organizations that handle huge sums of cash. Google Authenticator 2FA was used to construct the new security solution.

A complete solution tailored to your business's unique requirements

B2Core introduces a host of critical new adjustable capabilities that enable clients to pick and choose which system components are most advantageous to them. As a result, it is critical for any business that wants to manage the client-facing operations of any financial institution, regardless of how complex the firm may be. Apart from being completely customizable, B2Core is an incredibly efficient and high-performance system that beats all other one-size-fits-all forex client cabinet solutions on the market, and most importantly, one that your clients will like using.

Profit from a new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges to handle all of their clients, administrators, and independent business partners in a centralized location.