CRM system for brokers: a core component for success

This system drives your company forward, playing a crucial role in sales and in the process of interaction with traders.

While getting your feet wet in the Forex brokerage business, newer players need to take many aspects into account, and a CRM for Forex brokers is among the most important criteria. This system drives your company forward, playing a crucial role in sales and in the process of interaction with traders.

What are the key tasks for such software?

    CRMs implemented for FX companies are designed to handle the following tasks:
  • Identification and clusterization of leads. The high-end system clusters your potential clients and enables your managers to build an effective strategy for every category. As such, brokers get more chances to meet all the expectations of leads.
  • Multi-level partnership management. Successful brokers deal with hundreds of third parties (independent brokers, traders who invite new members, etc.), and CRMs are responsible to take care of rewards, payments, and invoices.
  • Expense reduction. The world is standing on the threshold of massive automation, and brokers keep their hands on the pulse of up-to-date tendencies. The software automates numerous processes that have been previously operated manually, cutting your expenses.
  • Highest level of customer support. Traders need their complaints and questions to be processed instantly. A high-end Forex CRM system speeds this process up, directing requests to support agents.
  • Next-gen data analysis. Don’t underestimate the meaning of your reports and quick access to analysis. The Forex brokerage sector is exceptionally competitive; this is why you need to control whether your development strategy works or needs some changes.

As such, the Forex CRM software provides a set of important features, being responsible for diverse processes. While looking for a reliable provider, business owners need to understand what they are looking for exactly.

Stages to choose the best-matching Customer Relationship system

Why are those steps mandatory? Of course, you may find a trustworthy provider and implement the most functional software. What’s more: this system is going to push your business to success. The problem lies in a wide range of unnecessary features, as many business owners pay for thin air, never using the fullest functionality of the purchased systems.

    Follow the next steps strictly:
  • Outline the goals of your brokerage company (current and future).

Business owners need to understand what they are looking for. For instance, which payment providers and trading platforms are about to be integrated. Think over the necessity of SaaS solutions, mobile apps, and more to choose the best-matching CRM.

  • Look through the list of must-have features.

No matter how different software is, there is a list of must-have features. For instance, your system should cluster leads and active traders, be compliant with KYC norms, automate the vast majority of processes, empower business owners to get variable real-time reports and maintain as many trading platforms as possible.

  • Deal with reliable, respected providers.

When you are going to buy Forex CRM for brokers, the brand does matter. Reliable providers guarantee you a string of high-level features, around-the-clock support, and implement the recent innovations together with advanced market solutions.

  • Get the turnkey CRM solution.

Trustworthy companies offer business owners to integrate such a system. Qualified specialists integrate the chosen software with your trading platform (s) and payment providers to ensure that everything operates well.

B2Core as the leading solution for both beginner and experienced brokers

As of today, the B2Core product is among the most eye-catching solutions, as the product consists of three elements: CRM back office, trader’s room, and client’s portal. The number of advantages and innovations implemented into the product is exceptionally high. B2Broker, the Forex CRM provider, never stops at a good solution – the company always looks for something excellent. Brokerage businesses get the software that pushes them forward and makes brokers more lucrative.

Furthermore, B2Core is a package-based product – look through the list of features to understand which package meets your company’s needs.