Few Tips on How to Integrate a Reliable Trader’s Room

A convenient and functional trader’s room is among the core features to convince your clients to remain loyal and never think about other brokerage companies.

B2Core is a trader’s room of the new generation, carrying a set of innovative eye-catching features onboard. What are the top-5 distinctive features that make B2Core a leading market solution?

#1. Advanced UI. Customize your trading process as much as you need

The foremost attention is focused on the opportunity to customize a trader’s cabinet to personal needs. Newcomer traders select either day or night mode, open as many workspaces as they need, and mark some trading pairs as their favorite markets to access them quickly.

The ease of navigation, dynamic interface, and the highest level of UI user-friendliness are going to persuade your clients that the chosen platform exceeds their expectations.

Furthermore, B2Core is a perfect solution to understand your traders better – the software clusters clients into several groups and disclose their needs and expectations so that business owners could fulfill such demands fully. Adjusted to the received data, brokers may set up diverse widgets, add or delete some options to make the process exceptionally comfortable for end-users.

Another important factor lies in the possibility to personalize a trader’s room to a trader’s language – the Weblate system suggests end-users select the preferred option among the unlimited amount of languages – the system translates all the content in five minutes.

#2. Advanced statistics and analytics in one click

Professional traders appreciate quick access to a bunch of analytical instruments and statistical data – B2Core gives brokers’ end-users the opportunity to monitor their trading activity, and unlocks basic and advanced statistics to make the most precise predictions.

Traders access the cutting-edge Market Depth widget to analyze the market better. Furthermore, end-users see how their orders are about to be executed, fill in details of their requests, and add certain trading pairs to their watchlists to monitor changes and react fast.

#3. The ultimate security to protect trades’ accounts

Up-to-date traders understand that security is among the core characteristics to care about; this is why end-users prefer as many instruments to activate as possible.

By default, B2Core supports Nexmo and Google 2FA authentication instruments; meanwhile, brokerage companies are free to integrate more security settings and 2FA providers. The IP whitelist enables traders to build a list of approved IP addresses allowed to withdraw funds.

A broad network of restrictions, anti-fraud instruments, and rights-based assets make cybercriminals miserable in front of your multi-level account protection.

#4. The KYC verification has never been that easy

On top of the highest account security, B2Core is a complex solution that simplifies the KYC verification procedure.

Foremost, all the processes, including the registration and verification are entirely automated. Brokerage companies may connect advanced technologies to make the process even more convenient. For instance, Sum & Substance is a technology possibly integrated with B2Core to transfer the whole verification procedure to the provider’s side. Brokers need no lawyer to hire in such a case.

#5. A large number of payment providers to integrate

Since your end users have entered a trader’s room, deposits and withdrawals are of much account, as clients need to understand that payments are entirely safe, secure, and convenient.

B2Core enables brokerage companies to connect about 80 reliable payment providers. No wonder that traders can refill their accounts with credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and wire transfers, and the solution promises brokers to unlock eye-catching opportunities. This is why business owners may accept crypto payments through the B2BinPay gateway – let your traders make deposits in more than 800 cryptocurrencies.

The audience of crypto holders is moving towards the number of 400 million, and crypto payments open brand new opportunities for both brokers and end-users.

The integration process: what are the mandatory stages?

B2Core is a combination of a high-level trader’s room, cutting-edge back office, and eye-catching client’s portal. The solution is compatible with all the in-demand trading platforms, while other platforms can be easily integrated through APIs. How to connect the solution in 5 simple steps?

  • Fill in a simple application form placed on the B2Broker website. Specify your name, contact information, preferred language, and request a callback from B2Core managers. If necessary, add details and special requirements in the ‘Comment’ field.
  • Qualified specialists contact applicants to tell more about the product and its features. Try a free demo to convince yourself that B2Core is the very right solution to boost your brokerage business right now!
  • Select the preferred package among the three available options. Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise packages are offered to brokers. Select the options you truly demand. The setup cost is the same for all the packages ($2500), while monthly expenses vary from $600 to $2500. Brokers get a mobile application as a bonus.
  • Choose the preferred integrations. Make your trader’s room as highly functional and secure for clients as possible. Look through the list of possible integrations and pick up instruments that can jump your business to brand new levels. Qualified specialists integrate all the systems properly.
  • Get an all-in-one solution to cause a furor in the Forex market. Specialists test all the settings to ensure business owners everything functions well as an advanced trading ecosystem.

What’s even more important – since your business has got the B2Core solution integrated, it doesn’t mean your company commences to freewheel. B2Broker suggests brokers get quick access to 24/7 technical support to solve all the problems instantly.