Forex CRM and trader’s room – why are these components integral?

An up-to-date Forex brokerage company needs to implement the components with ultimate functionality; otherwise, it will be a challenging task to overrun competitors. A Forex CRM system and a trader’s room are of much account, as such components are directly related to traders and interaction between a broker and clients.

While talking about newer businesses, they are looking for reliable providers. Note that Customer Relationship Management software is tightly connected with a trader’s room, and the interdependencies are important enough.

What is the connection between an FX CRM and a trader’s room?

Trader’s portals are frequently named CRMs for traders, as this component is the next step of interaction between a brokerage company and clients. The first-level software is mostly responsible for the sales process, clusterization, and the reporting system, enabling brokers to offer traders the best features matching their needs and expectations. As for active traders, they need a convenient and secure trader’s room with access to ultimate features.

Furthermore, CRMs provide reports and cluster active traders, helping business owners to understand which measures are necessary to foster customer loyalty. The more satisfied clients are with the given services, the more successful a broker is going to become.

Interdependent features of the Forex CRM software and trader’s room

Customer Relationship Management systems, as well as trader’s rooms, have a string of important features; meanwhile, some of them are tightly interdependent:

  • Multi-level partnership management:

  • High-quality CRM systems are claimed to handle multi-level partnerships, when a broker pays rebates, fees, etc. The software controls the payment processes, automating the vast majority of them and unlocking real-time reports. Business owners activate a set of tools to make the partnership as effective as possible.
    A trader’s room is responsible for the broker hierarchy as well, storing the data on a trader’s side. As such, partner traders get their rebates correctly and timely.

  • Integration of payment providers:

  • Such an important stage begins with a CRM system that is connected to the top-rated payment methods. The software simplifies the process of deposits and withdrawals for every customer. High-quality systems unlock a set of useful payment options for end-users (credit and debit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers). The more methods are integrated, the better.
    As for a trader’s room, this space handles the payment process, unlocking clients' access to a payment portal where traders select the preferred options and inscribe their payment information. Payment portals should be equally convenient and secure.

  • High-end support:

  • The ultimate customer support system is one more feature of a successful brokerage company. CRM systems automate the vast majority of inner processes, cutting your costs for staff. The automation includes the processing of traders’ requests, their clusterization, and sending to experts specialized in a certain sphere. This is why clients get detailed answers from support agents within the shortest terms.

What is the best way to integrate an FX CRM and trader’s room?

Since these two components are interdependent, the best way is to get both ones from one provider. The following pros are granted:

  • A package solution guarantees that all the components are perfectly matched and function as a unified whole.

  • Brokers get all the components customized and integrated with existing trading platforms, payment channels, etc.

  • Business owners access 24/7 customer support, having all the troubles and headaches fixed instantly

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