How Does an FX CRM work?

On the other hand, newcomer brokers cannot understand the fullest importance of such software implementation. Let’s dive into the working principles of such a system to understand which tasks this software is responsible for.

The working principle of an FX CRM system

Such software is based upon the interaction between a broker and leads. Brokerage companies understand that their success depends directly on the overall number of active traders. The more users have joined a platform – the better. CRM solutions make this process controlled.

First and foremost, the specially designed software clusters your leads into several categories and helps managers understand which marketing and advertising methods are the best for every category. As a result, business owners work on brand new strategies to attract as many new clients as possible.

When a new client enters your trading platform, half the battle is over; meanwhile, it’s not the right time to reap laurels. Traders are demanding enough; this is why they may leave a platform any minute, facing some troubles and hurdles. A Forex Broker CRM clusters active traders as well, letting business owners know what their clients expect. When offers meet their expectations, traders remain on your platform.

On top of identification and clusterization of leads and active clients, such software is responsible for a set of other important tasks.

Basic features of Forex CRM solutions

We take the interaction with leads and active traders off the table, as this feature is the system’s working principle. The following features are in the top list as well:

  • Automation of inner processes. This system is claimed to simplify the functionality of a brokerage company; this is why a high-quality solution empowers business owners to save on employees. A Forex brokerage CRM excludes human errors on multiple levels, making processes fast and effective.
  • Partnership management. No matter how successful your company is, there are always some ways to open new horizons. Large brokerage companies work with partners on different levels (IBs, partnering companies, WL solutions) and that is a challenging task to manage such multi-level cooperation. CRM solutions simplify this process, being responsible for invoices, rewards, and timely payments.
  • A wide range of reports. Business owners need to control their company, and the system of reports is the best way to keep your finger in the pulse of all the updates. This software enables business owners to access diverse reports about trading statistics, profits, the efficiency of implemented strategies, etc. Timely reports make it possible to introduce some changes if necessary.

The full scope of features is much broader. Furthermore, a Forex CRM developer may offer package solutions, and a business owner selects features he (she) truly needs.

How to select a CRM system that meets your business objectives?

This question is the most important for your brokerage business, as a solution should fully correspond to your business goals. Which aspects to take into account while integrating such a system?

  • Agnostic to trading platforms. The Forex market hosts a range of trading platforms, while MetaTrader solutions are the most in-demand. Nevertheless, your business may face some changes in the future. This is why select a system compatible with most trading platforms known in the FX market.
  • Compliant with outer services. Brokerage companies integrate payment providers, liquidity providers, KYC solutions, and other services, and the chosen software should be easily integrated with all the services. Consult with a Forex CRM provider which services are compatible. Some developers offer turnkey solutions.v
  • Product customization. Many brokerage companies use the WL model to cut expenses, and a high-level system provides business owners with the possibility to customize their trader’s rooms, getting their own color and logo to stand out from the competitors.

Furthermore, it is an exceptionally important task to find a reliable provider that is ready to meet all your expectations.

B2Core package solution – the key competitive advantages

B2Core helps brokers make a jumpstart in the FX market, as business owners get a system that boosts their businesses to drive to new records. The solution unites a CRM system with a trader’s room and a client’s portal. Get all-in-one integrated with the fullest compliance with your objectives and outer services.

The solution is available in three packages: Basic with a limited list of features, Advanced with the broad enough functionality, and Enterprise with ultimate features to impress your clients. Business owners never pay for what they don’t need.

As for the key benefits of the solution, brokerage companies get:

  • High-level security provided by a large number of protective tools.
  • Advanced frontend to make this system easy-to-use and flawless.
  • No language barriers. Activate the preferred language option for your trader’s room.
  • Data-driven admin panel to provide admins with a bunch of diverse reports and statistics.

What should a business owner do to implement this Forex brokerage CRM?

  • Learn more information about the B2Core product to understand more about its working principles and benefits.
  • Look through the list of available packages to select the one that matches your business objectives the most.
  • Try a free demo. Open the website and press ‘Get Started!’
  • Fill in the application form to submit your request.
  • Wait for a callback from B2Core managers to discuss the details.
  • Enjoy the high-end CRM solution