How to Choose the Right Forex CRM?

With the enormous competition level, tens of newer entrants end their trip by complete disenchantment with this industry. Don’t blame the market – Forex still opens new horizons for business owners. It’s all about the approach a business owner selects.

Forex CRM software is among the core components of brokerage businesses, while business owners frequently understate its meaning. With crowds of providers offering such a system, it’s a rather challenging task to integrate a solution that meets your expectations and business needs fully.

What is such a system responsible for? CRM is an abbreviation for “Customer Relationship Management.” As for the Forex market, the spectrum of a solution’s duty is more extended. Brokers integrate a complex of a trader’s room, back-office, and client’s portal. Clusterization of traders, a wide network of reports, automation of inner processes, staff optimization, different access levels, and other features are suggested by high-class CRM solutions.

When it comes to your business, brokers are always impacted by hesitations, looking for a solution to boost their brokerage companies. Dive into some tips to understand how to choose the right Forex CRM solution.

#1. Start with customization and branding

When newer brokerage businesses appear in the Forex market, reputation is among the most principal basics. Traders should trust and respect your company.

Reliable providers offer the deepest customization and branding adjusted to your corporate style. For instance, B2Core enables business users to activate or disable widgets on their own to make the system’s functionality correspond to business needs.

#2. External integrations are never too many

A high-class CRM system is the primary benchmark indicator for brokers; meanwhile, external integrations extend the solution’s functionality.

B2Core, designed by the world-known provider of liquidity and technologies, B2Broker, maintains a wide range of integrations. Connect your brokerage company with up to 80 payment providers, diverse ticket systems, KYC providers to enhance its efficiency and convenience for traders.

External integrations optimize your staff as well. B2Core maintains the Sum-Sub solution for KYC verification – all the processes take place on the provider’s side which means you need to hire no lawyers.

#3. The highest security is always welcomed

Beginner traders are frequently paranoiac while talking about security measures. The more security options are available – the better.

CRM systems offer some options by default – for instance, B2Core maintains Google and Nexmo two-factor authentication instruments, and brokers may integrate any other customized security instruments to protect traders’ accounts the most.

#4. Referral programs display your success

At the beginning of a broker’s way companies are all about the process of attracting traders and making them remain loyal. Meanwhile, the path towards success always includes some new opportunities, and introducing brokers are amid the markers that indicate your business is successful.

It's not easy to manage referral programs but high-level CRMs are totally in charge of the process. The software manages your invoices and rewards, offering brokers to establish a multi-level referral program.

#5. The importance of recent trends

Forex CRMs are mainly designed for brokerage companies that enable traders to buy and sell fiat currencies; meanwhile, the industry undergoes some essential changes. The market of digital assets is powerful enough so that financial players cannot ignore the industry anymore. Brokers add the opportunity to access cryptocurrencies, unlocking some top-rated digital assets.

CRM systems need to be geared towards innovations. B2Core supports both fiat and crypto wallets and empowers companies with built-in exchangers. This is why the solution sounds perfect for both FX and crypto brokers.

Note! A Forex CRM solution is among the most important components to influence your brokerage business. Take your time to compare different packages and conditions.

B2Core is a three-package product available in three options, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise to let business owners select what they really need. The solution provides access to the core features, unlocks multiple external integrations, and offers the deepest customization to conquer the new highs of the FX market.