Introduction of the B2Core REST API by B2Broker

Introduction of the B2Core REST API by B2Broker

B2Broker has unveiled a new REST API that enables clients to use the company's offerings and services for business reasons. Clients can utilize HTTP techniques to create, read, modify, and remove resources using the REST API. This is an important milestone for the organization since it gives its clients additional freedom and alternatives. B2Broker remains at the forefront in providing cutting-edge solutions for the Forex business with its latest version. We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty!

Back-Office API

Customers could use the API protocols offered in the back office to obtain data about existing users, accounts, and payments for analytical or administrative purposes. Firms would benefit greatly from this since they will be able to understand and prioritize their client base. The data acquired through this API will also help analyze how customers engage with the company's goods and services. This data enables businesses to implement the required modifications to improve their products. Ultimately, the Back-Office API will benefit businesses by allowing them to fully appreciate their consumers and make wiser decisions about their offerings and services.

Front-Office API

The B2Core API functions enable consumers to interact with the Trader's Room (Front-Office API). You may execute authorization, incorporate your products' interface functioning, perform transactions, and many other tasks utilizing Front-Office APIs. This is a fantastic method to enhance your product's features and make it more compelling for your consumers. With the Front-Office APIs, you can improve your product's performance and make it more dynamic and user-friendly. The Front-Office APIs are worth investigating if you are searching for methods to enhance your business and increase its competitiveness.


At B2Broker, we are thrilled to announce the availability of the B2Core API. There is no doubt that we will continue to add new capabilities and features. This debut release, the B2Core API, will not be our last, as we are dedicated to expanding the functionality and features of this API so that you enjoy the most enjoyable experience possible. With this version, we intend to provide our users with more options to develop existing products and build new apps. We are convinced that this API will be highly valuable to Forex, CFD, crypto brokers, crypto exchanges, converters, as well as other fintech organizations.

Feel free and practice with the B2Core API if you want to see what it is about! We've designed it to be simple for all our users. Please let us know if you experience any problems or have ideas on how we may improve the API. We are always seeking new methods that could improve our goods and services.