The New 2.1 Version of B2Core REST API with New Methods for User Management and KYC Has Been Released 

The B2Core team is happy to release a new 2.1 version of the B2Core REST API. The updated API offers several new methods for operations both in the back-office and in the front-office, such as the management of users, KYC verifications, and the creation of currency wallets. Thus, companies will have a greater degree of control and flexibility in running their business, ultimately improving their traders' experience.

Back-Office API

We have enhanced the back-office API to allow clients to obtain more information about their users. The API now allows for retrieval of user type (individual or corporate), phone number, address, and device details (such as IP address, browser, operating system, and time zone). By utilizing this data, companies can gain better insight into their customers and improve their marketing strategies. The new data will also assist organizations in improving customer service and combating fraud. Ultimately, with an enhanced B2Core REST API, clients will be able to offer their users an improved experience and better services.

Additionally, our team added methods for managing users in the back office, specifically creating, updating, and deleting them. By adopting this feature, brokers will be able to handle their back-office users in a more intuitive and flexible manner. This functionality will enhance back-office data control and allow for operations like removing users that are no longer needed.

The new REST API now also provides methods for retrieving exchange rates. This functionality is straightforward and helps users to obtain exchange rates from multiple currencies with ease. With the new API, financial data is now available in real-time, improving users' decision-making capabilities drastically.

Aside from the newly added REST API methods, KYC methods are particularly noteworthy. With the new update, using B2Core’s verification capabilities on both front- and back-end has been simplified and is now more straightforward. Now, thanks to the most recent API version, KYC documents, levels, and general verification of end users are easily customizable on the admin side.

Front-Office API

This API provides the ability to create currency wallets for front-office users. This development presents new opportunities for front-office users to interact with the platform. It will be easier for them to manage their finances with the greatest level of protection by creating wallets for different currencies. The API also allows users to create multiple wallets per account, which streamlines asset management considerably.

Bottom Line

Our B2Core team is happy to share this new update with you! The new version of REST API is packed with a variety of improvements, and new features that we believe will make the client experience even better. We at B2Core are committed to making sure that our customers receive the best possible service. It's our goal to make B2Core an indispensable part of your business operations.