Top-5 Forex CRM features for your business growth

From the viewpoint of new horizons for businesses, the Forex market is still among the most promising sectors. On the other hand, fierce competition is observed, and new brokerage companies need to offer end-users the ultimate functionality. An FX CRM falls into the category of the most important components for a newer broker.

While talking about high-quality CRM systems, experts point out some features that drive your Forex business to new highs.

1. Compatibility with any trading platform

Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 are the leading solutions from the viewpoint of traders’ preferences, and many newer brokers choose a CRM system compatible with these trading platforms. On the one hand, your current needs are covered entirely; meanwhile, inexperienced business owners do not take their future potential into account. While conquering other markets, brokers may face the necessity to connect other platforms (OneZero, B2Margin, Prime XM). This said, choose a Forex CRM compatible with the vast majority of available trading platforms.

2. Multi-level partner management

Every newer brokerage company focuses on the current tasks and demands, having no courage to think about future perspectives. Meanwhile, successful brokers are moving step-by-step higher, and the number of partners gradually skyrockets.

Once you have agreed on a deal with a partner, arranged conditions should be strictly followed. Up-to-date CRM solutions help business owners automate such processes. The system is able to control fees and payments even in the case of numerous partners you are dealing with.

Furthermore, the multi-level system turns out to be effective from the viewpoint of access granted. Business owners provide employees with different access types.

3. The importance of segmentation

Traders are the base of every Forex brokerage company. No matter how functional and convenient a broker is, it means nothing without traders. Top-rated CRM features include customer segmentation.

Business owners get an opportunity to access reports about trading volumes, geography, experience, and other important criteria the customer segmentation is based upon. As such, you find a key to understanding your audience. Brokers may build up individual offers through segmentation reports to foster customer loyalty.

The more satisfied traders are with the given services, the more chances to be convinced they are not looking for alternative brokers.

4. The art of reporting

The previously given CRM system features are designed mostly to satisfy traders and partners. What about the reports and statistics? Success lives in spaces where everything is in order.

Up-to-date Customer Relationship Management software removes all the troubles and headaches, being responsible for data compilation and storage to empower business owners to get quick reports about the trading statistics, profits, dividends, and other numbers.

On the other hand, an effective reporting system is important from the legislative viewpoint. Timely correct reports help brokers accord their business with legal norms and standards. This factor is of much account, as the world is on the threshold of essential changes when all the spheres are moving out of the shadows.

5. High-end feedback

While looking back to the importance of traders, newer business owners should understand that customer troubles require an instant reaction. This demand falls into the category of top features of a CRM.

High-quality progressive systems guarantee that no clients are left waiting. Such software includes the non-stop connection between admins and notifications sent to apps. A system schedules the required follow-ups and provides support agents with access to the fullest information that is always at their fingertips.

High-end feedback and appropriate data integration tilt the balance in your favor from the viewpoint of the fight for new traders.

Obviously, innovative and high-quality CRM systems are a powerful push for new brokerage businesses. B2Core offers newcomer business owners a revolutionary product that unites eye-catching CRM, trader’s room, and client’s portal. Are you ready to make the sure step towards the FX market success?