Top 5 Reasons Why do You Need a Trader’s Room Solution

Communication with customers and the development of internal and external communications are managed by CRM systems in brokerage businesses. Brokers frequently take a unique approach to client relationship management at this level. They develop a forex CRM customised to their own ambitions, tactics, and vision for serving traders.

Trading platforms, instruments, and trade assets are all thought to be interchangeable, as is the case with all financial instruments. Therefore, a competent customer relationship management system may aid a broker in attaining a large competitive advantage while also creating a decent return on his investment.

When choosing a Forex broker, the presence or absence of a Trader's Room is an important factor for traders to take into account. There are several aspects in the Forex Trader's Room that must be taken into consideration.

What is the Trader’s Room?

The Traders Room is one of the most important components of the Forex CRM. It is a web-based interface that a Forex trader may use to access his or her account after establishing one. In addition to managing their trading activity, traders may connect with their brokers, partners, and customers more conveniently with the use of this platform.

The fact that Traders Room effectively handles both data and networking in an orderly way makes it very necessary. It serves as the foundation of the ideal customer relationship management system.

The Traders Room or Client Portal is sometimes referred to as the CRM for Traders. It is an online portal that contains various sections such as the KYC section, which allows users to upload documents, the Request for Live Account section, the Demo account section, the IB or Affiliate section, which allows users to manage IB hierarchy and IB commission, and the IB or Affiliate section. E-Waller to keep track of your spare cash, and the Deposit and Withdrawal Section to keep track of your financial situation.

As we mentioned above, CRM serves as a link between traders and brokers; thus, it is critical to understand how CRM and the trading room are connected.

Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Trader’s Room Solution

In order to provide customers with a really one-of-a-kind and customised service that is unrivaled in the market, B2Core has broadened its capabilities as a forex CRM provider. From the standpoint of the user experience, B2Core represents a significant upgrade over the company's prior edition. Because it integrates all of the prior Trader's Room components, including the client area, our current SaaS solution has been raised to a new level of relevance in the financial services sector.

B2Core is an excellent choice if you're looking for something a bit different from the norm. It offers a comprehensive set of features that can be adjusted to fit the individual requirements of each company, going well beyond the capabilities of the industry-standard Trader's Room solution in terms of functionality. Because with B2Core, businesses no longer have to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution that caters to the needs of all of their customers.

It is necessary to implement B2Core on the systems of professional firms, such as foreign exchange and cryptocurrency brokers, currency converters, spot/margin trading exchanges, and exchange-traded funds, in order to enhance the Trader's Room experience.

A Fraud Detection and Prevention System
Money laundering and other types of trade fraud are prevented on the site thanks to B2Core's Advanced Anti-Fraud Mechanism, which is a method for automatic withdrawals. A security warning system and other safeguards are included in the system in order to aid in the prevention of money laundering and other types of business fraud.

PrimeXM and OneZero implementation
Adding PrimeXM, OneZero, dxTrade, and B2Trader to the list of authorized trading platforms brings the total number of permitted trading platforms to six with the inclusion of these four new platforms. In the opinion of B2Broker, this collaboration has resulted in an expansion of clients' ability to connect with a larger number of worldwide customers.

System for Automated Ticketing
Clients may be provides with customer service via tickets created in B2Core, thanks to an interface that was previously inaccessible between SupportPal and the platform. If you are offering customer assistance via Skype or another social media platform, it is critical that you utilize the Ticket System since information may be lost if the site is not secure.

MT Analytics
Customers that use the Trader's Room may keep track of all of their MetaTrader account activities. Traders may access the principal interface between B2Core and MetaTrader 4 or 5, respectively, via the B2Core website.

Withdrawal addresses added to a whitelist
In order to secure users' personal information, it has been introduced to the system that allows them to choose from a "safelist" of possible withdrawal addresses. For the user, this has the benefit of allowing them to only withdraw money from the wallet they have chosen, ensuring that only the wallet they have chosen is logged out by the system. Google Authenticator two-factor authentication was used to assist create the new security measures that have been implemented.

A Comprehensive Customized Package to Meet the Specific Requirements of Your Organization

Customers may now pick and choose which components of the system are most helpful to them thanks to B2Core's new configurable capabilities. The client-facing operations of a financial institution, regardless of the size or complexity of the business, are impossible to manage without this solution in place. As a result of its high efficiency and highly flexible design, B2Core surpasses all other forex client cabinet solutions by a significant margin. Additionally, it will be a pleasure for your customers to interact with you and your company.