Why is the B2Core CRM system the best solution?

High-end CRM systems may play a crucial role in your business success, as this software affects your interaction with customers. Globally speaking, a Forex CRM system unlocks information about how satisfied traders are with suggested services and features. Furthermore, the software takes an active part in transforming your leads into active traders.

This said, business owners need to resolve a dilemma of which Customer Relationship Management solution matches their business goals the most, and B2Core offers the best market solution, containing a wide string of competitive advantages. Let’s dive into the product deeply.

B2Core overview: what does the product comprise?

B2Core is a package solution for financial businesses. The product turns out to be exceptionally useful for FX and crypto brokers, crypto exchanges, margin trading platforms, EMIs, and even banks.

The product offers an all-in-one solution, as business owners get an ultimate CRM, trader’s room, and client’s portal. The chosen package is customized in accordance with your business goals and needs.

Why is B2Broker, which has launched B2Core, understood as the best Forex CRM Provider? Business owners get a mix of many years’ experience and the latest innovations.

Pay for what you are really gonna use

B2Core is a package solution – what does it mean? The set of features is divided into several packages, and business owners decide on their own which features are mandatory. For instance, some brokers understand the Basic package as entirely enough. As for a more extended set of features, you may select Advanced or Enterprise packages. Those ones are equally useful and innovative; meanwhile, sometimes a business owner may need more features to make the chosen package corresponding with certain business goals.

For instance, mobile apps are available for Advanced and Enterprise packages only. The differences concern the IB program, verification procedure, customization, etc. Look through the comparison list first.

Maximum reach: Forex brokers and beyond

A high-quality CRM for Forex brokers is a must-have component; meanwhile, the B2Core product is a one-box solution suitable for diverse participants of the financial markets:

  • Forex brokerage businesses get a system that effectively manages and clusters leads, transforms them into active traders, and helps business owners keep their hand on the pulse of what is going on through real-time reports.
  • Margin trading platforms access extended settings related to deal management. There is a possibility to set up a leverage multiplier for every order individually.
  • Spot crypto exchanges get access to a wide range of advanced technical solutions: 5 order types, trading API, and more.
  • Banks and hedge funds may manage their clients’ funds effectively: real-time reports are available for investors.

Such a product is definitely more than just high-quality Forex CRM software. Furthermore, B2Core is compatible with most trading platforms and with more than 80 payment providers.

Ultimate functionality for traders: your clients are the core of a company success

While talking about FX, crypto, and other trading platforms, clients are above all, and your functionality should meet and exceed their expectations. B2Core provides traders with a set of useful features:

  • Dashboard where clients access all their platform activity. An adaptive dashboard allows admins to add, replace, and delete widgets.
  • Users access real-time financial data generated as a convenient and easy-to-use table.
  • The B2Core client’s cabinet unlocks trading activity criteria to check and monitor their data.
  • B2Core is a KYC-friendly product, and the procedure of account verification is straightforward enough.

Advanced UI interface

The UI interface provided by the B2Core product is exceptionally convenient and customizable, as a set of personal settings are available like the possibility to switch between light and dark modes. An unlimited number of workspaces, market depth widget, branding of the client’s cabinet, and a string of other eye-catching peculiarities to stand your brokerage company out from competitors.

Language is no longer a barrier

Financial markets are international, involving more and more players globally; this is why language may become an essential obstacle on the road to success. B2Core copes with hurdles and troubles effectively, and the innovative and straightforward Weblate system enables users to translate content to all languages within 5 minutes. The system supports 17 language options, and you may extend this number. Furthermore, business owners may transfer translations from one project to another.

How to implement?

The B2Core implementation is as easy as ABC. When a business owner wants to buy Forex CRM for broker, the whole process takes 7 days after the agreement. Furthermore, newer clients may test a demo version for free. Contact B2Core support agents to get more information and find out some important details.