How to Find the Best CRM Solution in 2023?

Business development today is not an easy task, requiring the presence of many connecting components such as knowledge of the Forex market and competitors, the ability to attract customers, enhance the sales pipeline, business negotiation skills, etc. There are many tools within the business sphere that can help in one way or another to achieve your goal, and lay a solid foundation for a prosperous business. One such tool is the Forex CRM system.

In this article, we will tackle the questions of what is a CRM system and what types are present on the Forex market. In addition, you will learn what components consist of the average Forex CRM system. Ultimately, we will consider several steps to choose the right FX CRM for your business and take it to the next level. 

What is a CRM System? + Main Types of CRM Solutions

Forex CRM (customer relationship management) systems are application software automated multifunctional systems for organizations designed to automate strategies to interact with customers (clients), in particular to increase sales, automate marketing, optimize, and improve customer service by storing information about customers and history of relationships with them, establish and improve business processes and subsequent analysis of results.

Forex CRM is a vital component for any business, as this software provides an advanced set of tools that combines the benefits of a CRM solution with a full trader’s room. Below are the key segments that Forex CRM includes in order to make any business even more efficient.

User Interface

The first integral element of a good Forex CRM tool includes UI. This category includes an extensive set of different kinds of tools related to the user interface. These include the Advanced UI, which has a versatile customization of the visual part. There is also a function of storing and converting currencies, adaptive user layout, trading history and analytics allowing to analyze each step of the selected trading strategy, 2FA for secure login from each new device and additional level of protection of customer data. Moreover, there is a transaction monitoring function and most importantly: a mobile application that allows you to access all the functionality of the desktop version of CRM software in a compact and convenient format anywhere, anytime.

External Integrations

This category FX CRM system includes such important features as payment systems that allow you to receive and send payments, SMS informing software, the ability to connect other CRM tools. Forex CRM also offers the ability to connect different trading platforms for trading, the connection of KYC providers to facilitate user identity verification and improve overall security. FX CRM software also offers a wide range of marketing tools to assist in performing comprehensive analysis of user activity. Rates providers are also included in this group for rating capabilities.

Admin Area

The admin panel gives access to such a range of important and necessary functions as user activity history, full and detailed reports of trading activities, KYC constructor for creating and modifying user identity verification conditions. This group also includes registration builder, anti-phishing system for full-fledged protection against fraudulent activities, notification system that sends notifications about all operations within the workspace and a lot of different templates used in email distribution.

Today, FX CRM plays an important role in supporting businesses of all types and sizes in the implementation of communication with their customers. There are many types of businesses today that use Forex CRM solutions in their workflows on a regular basis.

Forex Brokers

Today, the Forex market is the largest and most volatile market in existence today. A wide variety of Forex brokers gives traders the opportunity to choose one or another Forex service provider based on their requirements and preferences. At the same time, Forex brokers, in order to serve their clients quickly and efficiently, rely on CRM solutions as the main tool for managing the activity of each individual user in order to make their trading experience the best.

Wallets/Mobile Apps

The abundance of different cryptocurrencies on the market has contributed to the creation of countless crypto wallets and applications that allow you to conduct various operations with cryptocurrencies. Transfers, deposits and withdrawals – all this and much more is included in the functionality of crypto wallets. Often, having a large audience, crypto wallet applications need a powerful and reliable solution to be able to organize the process of interaction with their customers. Forex CRM solutions help them with this by offering a wide range of communication tools to choose from.

Spot Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchanges flooded with unprecedented popularity immediately after the advent of cryptocurrencies. The ability to own a crypto asset has become a mania that has spread all over the planet. Today, the cryptocurrency market offers an incredibly large selection of crypto exchanges that are equipped with the latest technology to give their users an unforgettable experience of trading crypto assets. At the same time, in order to be able to manage a gigantic user base, crypto exchanges are in dire need of the help of CRM systems that are designed to facilitate the process of interacting with their customers.


  • Crypto exchanges, forex brokers and crypto wallets are the main organizations using Forex CRM to improve customer experience. 
  • Most of the reliable FX CRM solutions have several basic elements of their functionality, including trader’s room, analytical and marketing tools, API & web services.

How to Find the Best CRM Solution in 2023?

Today, Forex CRM vendors offer an incredibly wide range of solutions that are designed to reach out to every business on the road to success. However, the task of choosing the right CRM software is not so easy, as it requires taking into account many evaluation criteria. Key features, cost, convenience, and support are among the many criteria to consider when choosing the best CRM software, because the choice directly affects the functionality of other systems that help develop not only the customer base, but also the entire business as a whole.


To choose the best CRM system, you need to consider many criteria, and one of the most important is ease of use. Since Forex CRM is a multi-component structure for traders allowing them to fully interact with the markets based on the use of various accounting tools, analysis, and statistics data obtained as a result of trading, it must be easy to use because the loaded interface and a lot of different settings can bring some difficulties when navigating. On the other hand, the system must be easy to use for the broker because the inconveniences resulting from the poorly configured CRM system take away his energy and time and eventually can lead to the loss of customers. 


Each CRM vendor is interested in maximizing profits by selling their product and offering different CRM features. However, for brokers who want to integrate such a solution into their infrastructure, price is an essential factor. 

When planning a budget to purchase a CRM solution, you need to pay due attention to the reputation of the company that sells it. It depends on the system’s stability, updates, and technical support. The cost of a good CRM solution can be quite high, so you have to find the perfect balance between the platform’s functionality and price. Often CRM vendors offer very democratic prices and flexible rates with the ability to both monthly and annual payments.

Customer Support

The Forex CRM software market offers numerous excellent solutions with plenty of useful CRM features on board, but unfortunately, they miss out on technical support. As new users sometimes find it difficult to understand all the aspects and details of using a new product, support will help solve any issues related to the CRM system configuration on individual business needs and help avoid unpleasant user experiences through early instructions on how to use and navigate the system in the form of various tips, advice, and recommendations. It follows that the right CRM system should have 24/7 customer service activities to proceed customer requests.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting system, analytics, and data analysis are integral attributes of any CRM system, and the version for the Forex market is no exception. On the one hand, the analysis of analytical data on customer behavior allows us to develop and implement new solutions related to the use of the final product by them, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on their user experience. On the other hand, the reporting system lets you have a detailed view of each user’s activity within the system, which can also contribute to decision-making for implementing new functions in the CRM platform based on user interaction data.

Possibility of Integration

Forex CRM software should be able to integrate into any brokerage trading platform in order to give the user an easy, fast, and convenient way to track their trading activity in the markets. The presence of integration helps to link together the trading platform on which trading is carried out and the trader’s personal room, where he can keep records of transactions, view the history of open orders, analyze his investment portfolio, and much more. CRM solutions that offer this feature especially stand out from the competition because they allow you to have access to all elements of the trading ecosystem without the need to use products separately, which also affects usability.

Contact Management

Being able to store contact information and track client and customer interactions is essential for any business, but especially important for Forex brokers. Because there are so many different types of customers, it’s critical that you can track who was contacted, when they were contacted, and what was discussed during the meeting or call. This feature is also necessary in order to be able to find the necessary information on each client at any time, which is also important for keeping track of other important business processes outside the Forex CRM platform.


  • Most Forex CRM systems include account management, contact management, opportunity tracking, lead management, and support ticketing as well as integrations with other applications, such as trading and email marketing platforms.

Basic Components of a CRM System

A good CRM system should have a complete set of necessary tools that will help a trader to work in the market, which is often a complex and painstaking process of profiting from the price movement of different assets. Most solutions in this area consist of the following elements.

Trader’s Room

CRM trader’s room is a powerful system that offers users the ability to manage accounts, analyze their value, see their past transactions, and transfer money between them. A trader’s room may also provide traders access to comprehensive analytics of a trading strategy and be incorporated into multiple CRM platforms, helping traders to streamline the trading process. A CRM trader’s room may include the following components: analytical tools and instruments, web trading terminal, wallets, market news calendars, history of trading activity, technical analysis tools, etc.

Analytical and Marketing Tools

As mentioned above, one of the most important components of a good CRM system is the availability of marketing and analytical tools to be able to conduct a deep analysis of all aspects of the relationship between the broker and his clients, both existing and new. These tools help to collect all the necessary information regarding the activity of traders, their preferences and needs within the framework of using the company’s products, which in the framework of FX trading is the platform itself, the trading terminal and other trading tools.

API & Web Services

One of the important components of a good CRM system is the ability to connect third-party services and applications to enhance the functionality of the system and provide a more enjoyable experience for users. The CRM system can be built into the software of other developers on the one hand, but it can also become the basis for integrating other software products related to communication with customers, maintaining various kinds of reports, compiling analytics, analyzing statistical data, etc. In this case, they can be used by various third-party solutions and services connected via the API protocol.


There is no doubt that a CRM system is a life jacket for many Forex companies, whose client base may number in the thousands of clients from different parts of the world. With so many users and the need to account for all of them personally as well as professionally, you don’t have to think twice about whether or not you should use a CRM solution to simplify the process. With the right CRM platform, the business will breathe a sigh of relief that will allow it to grow and develop.